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I had gave my life back to Christ almost about 2 years ago, and was still wanting to make beats, but not wanting to use secular songs (because I primarily use samples) I had to go find some gospel songs that had some alright sounds in to make a beat .thinking to myself well I know sample anything from nineties it’s most likely not going to sound good Eighties as well so I said to myself well if there gospel music in the seventies it’ most likely  got some good sounds .so I search internet for gospel funk expecting to hear some stuff with a more traditional sound I found some stuff that was just as dope as stuff in world and better people most likely  anint up on these records .so start learn about the loving sisters, holy disclipes,crowns of glory the only thing about these great artist is there stuff is incredibly rare so it’s hard to find. but the ones I have found on the internet are pure gems’ just recently stumbled upon another artist Andrew Wartts and the Gospel and Storytellers and almost every song i’ve heard from them is pretty good

but if your into diggin or just like music from 70s this something you should  check out

Here some songs I flipped

Religious Souls: The Condition the World Is In



Andraé Crouch & The Disciples


Loving Sisters

Holy Disciples




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